1.1 Our Story and vision

A small group of visionaries, graduated from first class international business schools with some unique experience in international companies, opted for the first time to believe that their multidisciplinary knowledge and cross functional practices may generate some tangible and sustainable impact on several people in a business.

PERESK Group was incorporated in 2009 as a firm with the vision to provide valuable executive trainings in two fields of Management and Energy (particularly Oil & Gas) to bring first-hand knowledge and expertise from known European companies and international trainers to local companies and professionals in Middle East and Developing Countries. The company continued to grow in both Management Consulting and Executive Training fields in collaboration with European partners and international experts who came from industry and also famous international business schools.

We believe building capabilities within our client’s team is how to create sustainable organizations while since our earliest days we have stood out because of our high-quality service, world-class team of experts, principles and our commitment to people, curiosity and professionalism.

In 2021 and after a reform in our strategy and founders, PERESK & PARTNERS Group is:

  • A Cloud Consulting & Executive Training© company
  • An international Business and Management service provider with founders from 3 continents
  • A diverse, experienced and international team of 45+ experts from 22+ nationalities delivering best solutions to customers
  • A visionary and exciting venture
  • An agile and remote service provider with immediate and high-quality response to accelerated need of companies to tackle new challenges
  • A regional pioneer player in digital transformation advisory


Our founding milestones:


Predecessor company founded its principals in Paris

New founders joined to launch our office in the Middle East

Several international on-the-job training projects executed in collaboration with GGSB, IIES, Fairlinks, etc.


The firm grows through exclusive partnership with two French companies to expand professional training and business consulting services in the Middle East


Partnerships expanded to IFP Training and RIEMP

Founders’ combination and strategy revised; additional source of investment recivied


The firm’s name changes to PERESK & PARTNERS Group, new line of services is offered

1.2 Founders

Our mission is to empower managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to do immense good. We approach this mission with a deep understanding of the sector while our founders have more than 50 years of accumulated experience in Oil and Gas, Energy, Petrochemical, Civil and Construction sectors in Europe, Australia and Middle East.

Our funders benefit from first-hand network of global experts and international connections in several industries which shape a unique competitive advantage to response diverse needs of clients.

Our founders (based in Vienna, Paris, Melbourne and ME) have the privilege of fruitful adventures in Business Development, Project Management, Strategy, Marketing, Engineering, Operations and Research Management within recognized and prestigious international firms and organizations such as OPEC, TotalEnergies, IFP, UNIDO, Coleman Rail, NIOC, Metro Trains Melbourne as well as research institutions and think tanks such as University of Calgary, École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs, Sharif University, Institute for International Energy Studies and SKEMA Business School. 

By the same token, our board members, advisors and sponsors include some of the most skilled and influential voices who have multi-sector proven experience and project deliveries.

1.3 Board of Advisors 

Currently we benefit from guidance and advices of 6 industry leaders (specially in Energy sector) and influenced voices in Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East for our strategic planning and development plans in the direction of our vision. Theses seniors, including a recognized business entrepreneur in the Middle East, brings us gently an accumulated experience of more than 200 years gained in both private business and state-owned sectors.

Likewise, our founders and board members include some of the most skilled professionals in each sector with industry practices and exclusive network of experts.

1.4 Locations

PERESK & PARTNERS’ footprint is growing while our consulting services synchronize talent, consulting and training to drive business performance of our clients. Our global founders and partners locate in 4 cities to coordinate our clients while expansion to more locations is in plan.