We deliver high value and lower-cost services in growing business markets including but not limited to:

  • Middle East & North Africa (MENA)
  • South America
  • Central Asia
  • Central & Southern Africa

2.1 Business & Management Consulting (BMC)


We provide companies with a unique and prestigious management consultancy service performed by global team of experts.

We assist the companies to build a bridge, overcome existing challenges and to improve the health of their business with opportunities that they may never imagined.


Our Business and Management service aims at improvement of performance of our clients by focusing on their most critical issues and identification of opportunities. We offer different adapted solutions to support growth of our client’s business and optimization of its processes and organization. In first step we will focus on the current position of the client company and its future goals to better understand them and help in definition of the targets. Then a roadmap will be developed based on the companies’ specifications and market actualities to help the company bridge this gap and move toward industry leadership and scalable growth.

Selecting PERESK & PARTNERS as your consultant permits your company to benefit from a tailor-made consulting service with an agile accompaniment thanks to its innovant consulting approach and team of high qualification. Out team work closely with our client companies in order to propose solutions to complex business and management issues, execution of projects, and improve organizational performance across the company.

2.2 Executive & Professional Training (EPT)


We help individuals and organizations with their strategic transformations in practice by business and management training programs.

We design and implement in-house, tailor-made and online executive and professional training courses for entrepreneurial leaders using talented trainers and international experts.


PERESK & PARTNERS via its Institute of Executive Training is a collaborative online provider of leading executive and business education. We offer world-class online education and support companies or individual professionals by providing transformational learning experience. All E-Executive Trainings (tailormade and also general courses) are currently presented in two mains fields of “Energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals ” and Leadership, provided by internationally recognized leaders and experts with pertinent experience and knowledge.

We provide:

✓ Competency based training

✓ On the job training

✓ Bespoke courses

✓ 2E Online Training platform

Who is this course for? 

These courses are specifically designed for professionals aiming to be industry leaders based on the best practice and latest leading research results. These course distinguish and maintain an equilibrium between expertise and experience to enrich participants.

The program is beneficial to the professionals who has an interest in improvement of his skills on their current domain of expertise or to develop new competencies. Potential participants for the course include:

  • Leaders and managers
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Change leaders and seniors
  • Executive education professionals
  • Individuals exploring a career change into new positions/company
  • Organizational and workforce development professionals

Custom made individual training courses are also offered for senior professionals and executives of companies.

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2.3 Knowledge Transfer Management & Expert Acquisition (KEA)


We facilitate domestic and cross-border exchanges on technology and innovation that enable companies to develop new products and services also to expand their international business relations.

We interactively assist companies in making business partnerships, to invest globally in a business or to absorb foreign capital.


Knowledge Transfer Management and Expert Acquisition is another principal service provided by PERESK & PARTNERS. This service permits client companies to employ the expert(s) for a defined scope of work (or project) to benefit from specific knowledge or skill.

Client companies can use this service to resolve a defined problem, develop a new product, enter a new market, etc. These developments are conventionally carried out by resources available inside an enterprise however internal resources can be restricted due to limitation on available expertise, time or fear of revealing companies’ strategy to local competitors.

In order to resolve these issues, and accelerate companies’ development, PERESK & PARTNERS provides the required expertise and hence permit the client to transfer a knowledge to its team and gain considerable time and resources. As illustrated in the figure below, such a scheme permits the company to access to external resources and markets

Different working schemes are foreseen for the expert acquisition service. Figure below shows the most comment method consisting of three steps:

1-Definition of scope of work and clarification of the subject

2- Proposal of different experts to the client company by PERESK & PARTNERS

3- Final interview of the expert by the client company and start of work.

In this process the identity of client company will not be revealed until the final step of expert recruitment.

Another mode of execution consists in higher respect of privacy. In this mode, the client company does not recruit any external resource, and PERESK & PARTNERS carries out the work in form of a consultancy.


2.4. Impact Investment and Funding 

We think beyond profit and financial returns

We contribute in a specific category of Startup funding with the intention to generate not only a financial return on our investment but also to see a measurable social or environmental impact.

Positive impact on society and the environment supports long term growth of any business and make it more resilient. That’s why Impact investing is a growing industry empowered by generation of social and environmental take aways while still diverse financial returns are observed. This is taking place all over the world, and across all asset classes. PERESK & PARTNERS develops an analysis framework with which can quantitatively assess sustainability risks and the impact of sustainable investments.